Canada Study Visa

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Canada Study Visa

Canada offers a lot of opportunities and therefore a huge number of students choose Canada as their first choice. The United Nations has named Canada one of the great and extremely beautiful places in the world to live. Canada’s education system, life expectancy, national income, and overall quality of life played a significant role in determining this status.

Canada provides extremely top level-quality education, with various internship opportunities, in addition to liberal government policies regarding post-study work and immigration makes a perfect combination for Indian students. Universities of Canada give proper support to students who come out with best research thoughts and numerous scholarships are given to students for their research works.

Canada is truly the most adorable, best and extremely beautiful place for higher studies. If you also want to take this kind of education like, Academic, Professional, or Vocational training at a university, college, or any different educational institution in Canada, you will obtain a Study Visa before you enter Canada. This study Visa is issued to students when they reach Canada.

This article will look at the details of the student visa and study permits.

What is a Canada Study Visa?

The Canada study visa allows you to travel and study in Canada. Without a Study Visa you can’t take education in Canada. This visa allows you to work part -time to pay your expenses and qualify for student accommodation.

The Canada study visa is the same as the Canadian Visit Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTa), but the student also requires a study permit. The Canadian student visa isa a combination of either a visitor visa and a study permit or an eTA with a study permit. The Canada study visa will only allow you to begin your studies in Canada at what is called Designated Learning Institutions (DLI).

To qualify for the Canadian visa exam, you must meet the following conditions:

Be attempting to finish your study program.

Fulfill the all requirements of the student visa

Stop studying if you do not qualify for a student visa.

Always be enrolled in a DLI.

Valid Passport

Let’s look at the simple and Accessible Canadian Student Visa Process

It is easy to get eligibility to study in Canada if you get a Canadian student visa. Canada gives a simple and transparent student visa application process. You are allowed to bring your parents into the country. Studying in Canada how to apply is the first and main question that comes to mind for every student which has a capability, and a properly completed application form makes it halfway done.

Now we will explain to you What’s the exact procedure of a Canada study visa is.

Applicants can apply for a student visa to Canada online or on paper. Students can stay in Canada for the duration of their study visa.

Some important and needed steps to acquire the Canada Study Visa:

Submit an online application for the Canada Study Visa on the site of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada preceding your arrival to the country.

Sometimes It is also possible to submit a paper-based Visa application in nations that have limited access to internet

Give a Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). It suggests a university or College perceived by the Government of Canada.

Offer proof of adequate financial resources for supporting your studies in Canada adding living expenses and tuition fees

Have no record of crime

Provide medical records that state you are having a good health condition.

Passport Size Photographs

Immigration Medical Examination

English Language Proficiency Exam Score Is Must

I hope now you got the idea about the study visa process. Now we will explain you about Cost of the Canada Student Visa:

The student visa application process for Canada requires you to pay all application fees per person as well as your family members applying. You will have to pay fees if you are serious about applying for a study visa and starting your studies in Canada.

How long is the Canadian student visa valid?

A Canadian student visa is valid only for the duration of the study program and an additional 90 days. These 90 days permit you to get ready to leave Canada or apply for the extension of your Canadian examination visa.

Let’s have a look at some benefits of this visa

· Canada Student Visa Allows you to Visit Your Home Country, but if your documents are not valid that time then you can’t enter again in Canada, So Before you travel from Canada, make sure your travel documents are in order and valid.

· You can Change Schools with a Canada Student Visa, if you want to change the school you can but you have to fulfil requirements of this visa and You must inform the Canadian Government if you are changing schools in these situations.

· Students can work On-campus work while on a Student Visa, if they are enrolled in a full-time program. A foreign student who holds a study permit is allowed to work part -time in Canada even without being required to apply for a work permit. Permission to work for a student and study permit expires upon completion of the study permit if the student suspends the entire class period.

These are some of the benefits of student visa, for more info our experts are always there for you.

As above we mentioned Canada is not only a very famous tourist destination, but also attractive to students. It is a highly progressive country with excellent teaching methods and valuable degrees. This is one of the main reasons why many people want to enroll their children in Canadian primary or high schools, while adults also want to start their undergraduate or graduate programs there. Canada has a perfect and beautiful blend of nature, technology, and culture. Canada is one of the highest ranked countries in terms of quality of life.

We hope you got the proper idea regarding Canada Study Visa, still to better understand the rules of visas for studying in Canada and the needs of studying for students, don’t worry for you our experts give good support. Drinking abroad is the right and right place for you. Our expert team will support you apply for a study Visa in Canada from India, you can visit our website also,

Connect our experts now and understand about the whole procedure of the Canada study Visa.

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